Mordecai Historic Park Engagement Pictures

Casey + Will | Mordecai Historic Park and Boylan Bridge Engagement Session | Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer

Original Post: July 7, 2016

Y'all!These two! I can't even express to you how fun and easy these guys make my job! They really make me look good and you guys know how much I love getting images of the details of each Ring. Well Casey's ring, there's no way to capture it in all it's glory, but I sure did try! Will did an amazing job at picking it out ! Casey had the prettiest little, black dress and her earrings accented that ring perfectly!These two are just naturals in front of my camera and I'm just ecstatic to capture their love for them to cherish! I cannot wait to be able to do the same for their wedding in November and I am so thankful they have given me the opportunity to be able to share this very special time in their lives!