Holly Springs Photographer

Rachel | Carolina Moon Vintage Bridal Portraits | Angier, NC Photographer

I have been just itching to for this day since the day we captured these portraits! Rachel is absolutely stunning, her dress is perfect, and her bouquet is to die for! 

This girl is every photographer's dream! Creative, Organized, and knows exactly what she wants! She's also a wonderful friend. Generous, loving, passionate, and caring. 

She was a radiant bride, yesterday! I am so happy for her and her new HUBBY! I can't wait to watch them as they grow on this new part of their journey. 

So very thankful they chose me to be a large part of it! 

Nicole | Lularoe Consultant Portraits | Holly Springs, NC Photographer

This girl, ya'll! I met Nicole a little over a year ago when her and her husband, Tyler rented the house beside us. Funny thing is, we've become extremely close since she moved into her new house 15 minutes away ( I know, I know!! That's SOOO far...(Insert Sarcasm here) but it IS when you are used to walking across the yard to see each other.) 

There's a lot to be said for her motivation and ambition. She's got a rock solid head on her shoulders and she knows what she wants. She decided to make a career of something she is passionate about! Lularoe! Ever since taking on her business, she was able to quit her 8-5 to do this full time, and she has ROCKED it! She is leaving today to go on the Lularoe Cruise because she did so well this year!

Not only is she all of these things above, she is a great friend. She is motivating, encouraging, and always has a listening ear ( anybody that knows me, knows that this is a must to be able to be MY friend, :D ). She's not afraid to tell you the truth when you need to hear it. which we all need from time to time. She's definitely someone to look up to and no doubt, become friends with, if you're lucky!

Have a great time this week, Nicole! You deserve it for working your tushy off!