Porter | A Dog and His Humans | Lake Benson Park Family Portraits | Garner, NC Photographer

In April , Shannon and Joey found out their baby boy, Porter, had lung cancer. In May the sweet boy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and went to Heaven. He would have been 9 on June 21st. Because no one can tell the story of her baby better than a mother, I'm going to let Shannon's words tell Porter's story from her and Joey's side! 

"We got Porter when he was 6 weeks old from a Pet Store in New Bern. -We went into the store to look around and see if they had rottweilers, which they didn't. They DID however have two boxers . When I held him , it was over!! Joey just looked at me and said "You want him". I couldn't believe what I was hearing but of course said YES! Since we already had a dinner and movie plan, he put down a deposit and we came back and picked him up the next morning. They asked what I was going to name him and I said "Porter".They were shocked! They got his file and said "That was his dad's name"  That's when we knew it was fate.  

He was only 6 pounds when we brought him home and he usually weighs around 68 now (before Cancer). His favorite things are HIS MAMA! Of Course! But really, he follows me everywhere) Chewies (Treats) and Riding He loves his dad and grandparents too but seriously, me the most..He also loves to FART! Seriously...worst smell ever! He also loves to go for walks and to play ball and catch with his daddy. He will also play in a sprinkler ...forever! 

His personality traits - He is the sweetest little boy until you try to mess with his mama or take his chewy. He loves attention and doesn't even like for daddy to hug mommy. 

We spoil him crazy.  He loves CHRISTMAS and in general, anytime I come back from the store because he knows he got something; he even looks through the grocery bags.

He's always going to be our baby boy and live on forever in our hearts and memory. There's never going to be another Port Port but I'm always going to be #PortersMom!"